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Ruth D'Alessandro

Author Bio

Ruth has been writing digital content for many years. She’s fascinated by what big data and artificial intelligence can bring to the human experience, and loves writing about it for Qualtrics.

Articles attributed to Ruth D'Alessandro

Employee engagement strategies that work

Your employees’ experience and job satisfaction is shaped by your company’s culture, work environment, technology company strategy, products and services, and even the external macroeconomic envir...

By Ruth D'Alessandro

6 effective employee engagement programs

Employee engagement initiatives benefit everyone - from the CEO to the shop floor. Here are 6 surprising ones to help your employees feel valued. Picture for a moment your ‘perfect’ job – a h...

By Dr. Vanessa Kowollik, Ruth D'Alessandro

Top 7 recruitment strategies for 2024

As the disrupted world of work evolves, so do the challenges and opportunities for recruiters. We explore the top 7 recruitment strategies - from employer branding to AI and data-driven decision makin...

By Nicole Parish, Ruth D'Alessandro

How to be a better manager

A team’s performance depends on the quality of their manager. Being a better manager is not only about having the right skills and knowledge, it’s also about the right mindset and attitude. Here...

By Ruth D'Alessandro

Vulnerability in the workplace: the key to authentic leadership

Many workplaces now encourage their employees to be vulnerable. As an aspect of ‘bringing your authentic self to work’ it can forge connections with other people and strengthen teams. But what is ...

By Laura Harding, Ruth D'Alessandro

Employee feedback systems: How to get started

What is an employee feedback system? Employee feedback, as we know, is information about performance, skills and teamwork that employees of a company exchange with each other. The idea is that manage...

By Ruth D'Alessandro

15 ways to improve the ecommerce customer experience

Like any other commerce, ecommerce needs outstanding customer experience to stay competitive and profitable. What is ecommerce CX and how can you achieve it? ecommerce shopping has changed the reta...

By Ruth D'Alessandro

17 Market research tools you should be using

From trawling the mighty US Census, to calculating percent change in an instant, there’s a whole lot of research tools out there to help you do your job as a market researcher. When you’re conduc...

By Aaron Carpenter, Ruth D'Alessandro

How to predict customer behavior

What if a business could fulfil customers’ wants and needs before they’ve even asked for them? Welcome to the world of predicting consumer behavior. What is customer behavior prediction? ‘Cust...

By Ruth D'Alessandro