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Employee Engagement Employee Engagement

XM Solution Guided Program

Employee Engagement

Launch a full employee engagement program in days, with expert-designed content, workflows, reports and automation

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Employee Experience

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Understand the drivers of employee engagement, enable managers to act on real-time insights, and facilitate ongoing improvement to your organization. With an expert-designed engagement survey in 14 languages as well as all the communications, reports, guidance and action planning tools you’ll need to turn your insights into improvements, you can start optimizing the employee experience in no time.

 Jump-start your employee engagement program with:


  • Engagement question set (up to ~80 questions) available in 14 languages
  • Engagement Survey Design Guide
  • Customizable, expert-designed dashboards


  • Internal communications guide for HR teams
  • Invitation & reminder emails (customizable) available in 14 languages


  • Streamlined implementation process
  • HR to-do list for an Engagement program
  • Real-time response rate tracking


  • Interpretation guides in-built into dashboards
  • Pre-configured analyses to surface the right actions and improvements
  • “How to take action” workbooks and templates for managers
  • External Benchmarks

Outcomes Delivered

  1. Improve employee engagement, experience, and productivity
  2. Launch an expert-designed engagement program in a fraction of the time
  3. Reduce unwanted and costly attrition
  4. Identify, retain and develop top performers
  5. Increase the overall lifetime value of employees

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Real-time engagement data in no time

Get a live view of engagement as data flows in from expert-designed engagement surveys. There’s no waiting on reports, it’s all done automatically with powerful analysis to help you get to insights faster.

From insights to improvements

Managers can access their team’s results to easily identify what they can do to improve the experience. And with action planning and reporting built in, they can stay on track to improve engagement within their teams.

What You Get

Expert-built Surveys

An expert-built survey template preloaded with the right questions to help you save time and get results faster.

  • Core Engagement Measurement
    • Organizational Commitment
    • Job involvement
    • Overall satisfaction
  • Drivers of Engagement
    • Autonomy/ Empowerment
    • Career Progression
    • Collaboration
    • Company Leadership
    • Customer Focus
    • Diversity & Inclusion
    • Pay & Benefits
    • Quality of Products and Services
    • Recognition
    • Resources
    • Safety
    • Social Responsibility
    • Strategy Alignment
    • Supportive Management
    • Training and Development
    • Work-Life Balance
  • Open-Ended Items

Program Communications

Program communications will help your employees be prepared for receiving the surveys and viewing the dashboards. This XM Solution contains the following communications:

  • Survey introduction
  • Employee confidentiality statement
  • Engagement survey invitations and reminders
  • Dashboard invitations and positioning statements to leaders

Prebuilt Reports and Dashboards

Get instant analysis of your data. Pre-built reports help you spend less time analyzing data, and more time delivering results.

  • Executive & HR Admin:
    • Insights Summary
    • Key Drivers
    • Scores by theme
    • Scores by high/low
    • Score by heatmap
    • Comments
    • Response rates
  • Manager
    • Summary Page
    • Scores by theme
    • Comments

Best Practices Guidance

Best practice guidance includes:

  • Streamlined implementation process
  • HR to-do list for an Engagement program
  • Interpretation guides in-built into dashboards
  • “How to take action” workbooks and templates for managers

Solution Details

Required License: Employee Experience 1



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