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Remote + On-site Work Pulse Remote + On-site Work Pulse


Remote + On-site Work Pulse

Rapidly address entire workforce needs for well-being, resources, safety and enablement throughout disruption—whether they are remote, on-site, or on the frontline.

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Whether you’re supporting a remote workforce or protecting the health of essential on-site employees—it’s never been more important to check in with your people and respond to their needs.

Remote + On-site Work Pulse is a free, out-of-the-box feedback solution designed to help HR and people leaders, operations and technology leaders, and the entire C-suite at any organization understand, prioritize, and respond to the needs of employees to keep them connected, enabled, and feeling safe during significant business disruptions.

Pre-configured surveys and reporting, developed by Qualtrics IO psychology experts, enable organizations to quickly launch, gather and analyze feedback from both remote and on-site workforces—providing the essential real-time data leaders need to navigate this unique and challenging time, support employees as they adapt to new and changing workplace environments, and maintain business continuity.

This quick-to-launch guided solution offers two proven methods to pulse the workforce:

  1. Quick check-in: Pulse employees with a simple mood barometer and open-text feedback to get a quick, holistic view of morale and understand emerging workplace experience gaps.
  2. Full remote + on-site evaluation: Pulse employees on up to five key areas most relevant to their current situation—working remotely or on-site—to understand their needs, pinpoint critical gaps, and prioritize where to take action on what matters most.

Support & Balance Do employees have clarity around and access to relevant health and wellness resources? Are managers providing the necessary support so that their teams are set up for success?

LeadershipAre employees confident in leadership to make the right decisions during this time, including creating safe and effective remote or on-site work environments

CommunicationHave employees received frequent and clear communication on policy amendments, health and safety practices, or other changes directly impacting them?

Remote Work EnablementAre employee expectations around working remotely clear? Do employees have access to the proper technology, tools and internal resources to perform in their roles effectively?

On-site SafetyAre employees confident in their employer’s health and safety support — like protective clothing and new sanitation practices — to keep them safe on the job? Are they satisfied with communications around new protocols?

Organizations of any size and industry can:

  • Quickly assess workforce morale and well-being
  • Understand employee needs as they adapt to changing work environments—whether remote or on-site
  • Identify what matters by geographic location and team—and prioritize actions to take in response
  • Reduce the impacts this disruption can have on culture, employee safety, and productivity

Outcomes Delivered

  1. Find out if employees feel safe and supported
  2. Ensure employees have what they need
  3. Prioritize action around the most acute needs
  4. Act quickly so employees can be productive and successful

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Getting started is easy

  1. Sign up for a free trial account by clicking “Get Started”
  2. Login and select “Create new project” in your account
  3. Select the Remote + On-site Work Pulse project under COVID-19 XM Solutions
  4. Tailor the pre-configured survey template to your organization and workforce via the guided setup flow
  5. Distribute your survey via the anonymous link and begin analyzing results

*This solution is free for 90 days

What you get

Two expert-built pulse surveys

The solution is preloaded with two pulse templates— the quick check-in and the full remote + on-site evaluation—providing the right questions to save you time and get results faster.

  • Methodology designed by Qualtrics IO psychology experts
  • Prebuilt logic and survey structure
  • Automated setup workflow


Pre-configured report

An expert-built printed (PDF) report aligned to each survey type with preloaded analysis and visualizations for both remote and on-site workforce feedback.

Employee Feeling Report


How-to guides

How to set up your pulse in 5 minutes

Additional Resources

Note: For English (US) language accounts, we have released an upgraded pre-configured printed report also developed by Qualtrics IO psychology experts. This new report comes with additional commentary to help you interpret and act on results. Download the QRF file here.

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