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Who to Involve in Your Employee Engagement Program

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Plenty of people will be involved in designing, administering, and reporting on your employee engagement program. See who they are and learn how to bring them on board.


  • Your company’s leadership team will have a keen interest at all stages of the process, from designing the Employee Engagement Survey to the actions you take to improve engagement once the results are in.
  • You’ll need them looped in from the outset, as their buy-in will usually cascade downwards and help to make sure you get other key stakeholders on board.


  • These are the ultimate owners of the employee engagement survey project. HR Directors and Talent and Development Directors will be the ones reporting to the leadership team about the initiative.
  • It’s essential to work with them so they understand how the program works and the actions you expect to take as a result. They’re likely to be your biggest advocates with the executive team and if you engage them well, they can help you gain visibility for your program.


  • In larger or multinational organisations, regional or business leads with HR will act as your generals, working with managers in specific business units to help report and take action on the feedback you receive.
  • Their role is key in larger organisations. You won’t be able to work directly with many different units, so they’ll help you drive action across the business.


  • Once the feedback is in, line managers will be responsible for leading discussion on team results and working with team members to make improvements.
  • It’s important they’re on board and know exactly what you expect of them. They may need coaching in how to discuss the results with their teams, answer questions, and drive improvements later on.


  • These are the people whose open, honest responses you’ll need in order to drive real improvements in the business. Employees are at the heart of any engagement program.
  • There are plenty of things you’ll need to do for employees, from assuring them their responses are anonymous (really, you can’t emphasise it enough!) to letting them know the actions and improvements that have been put in place as a response to their feedback.

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