How to Start Your Employee Engagement Program

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Find out what you need to get an employee engagement program up and running with our essential guide.

Getting started with employee engagement is easy – in fact there are just 3 steps you need to follow:

  1. Run your survey
  2. Get the data
  3. Act on the results

…and repeat!

Of course, there are some essential ingredients for every step to make sure your program is effective, not least communicating back to employees at every stage of the process to keep them informed and engaged with the program.

Check out the key ingredients for each of the 3 stages:

Run Your Survey

  • Survey design – A good rule-of-thumb for survey length is 30-50 items, and don’t forget to include a way to record demographics, too.
  • Map it to your existing organizational hierarchy – By aligning the survey to the manager reporting structure, you can ensure that managers get access to their teams’ results so they know where they can make an impact.
  • Collecting responses – Make sure you invite responses from all employees and keep a close eye on response rates. You might need to keep the survey open for 2-3 weeks to give staff the best opportunity to respond.

Get the data

  • Brief the leadership team – Don’t pile all the results data on the executive team. Schedule an overall briefing with the key insights and areas of focus.
  • Define the reporting roll out – Determine what reports different teams will be able to see and when.
  • Set expectations – Communicate with managers about what you need them to do with the results and let teams know when they can expect results and what (if anything) you expect from them.

Act on the result

  • Choose your focus areas – Aligning closely with your leadership team, set one or two key focus areas. It’s a good idea to assign someone to each one to oversee progress.
  • Ask teams to set their focus – Getting each team to pick one or two areas to improve will give them tangible goals to target.
  • Establish action plans – Ask each team for an action plan on their key focus areas so you can monitor progress and see what actions they plan to take.

Start your Employee Engagement Program