Weekly Product Release Notes - May 18, 2020

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Weekly Product Release Notes - May 18, 2020

Entries that are bolded indicate recent product updates. To submit your own support page update requests or feedback, please use the Feedback intercept you can find on the support site.


  1. User Permissions: New section on Website Feedback permissions; moved from Admin page for Website / App Feedback in order to centralize user permissions.

XM Directory

  1. Editing Contact Info Columns: You can now customize the columns of contact info in your directory and mailing lists.
  2. Searching Contacts: Search terms are now highlighted in results, and hidden columns with relevant information are now temporarily displayed to show results.

CX Dashboards

  1. Notifications in CX Dashboards: Added sections for Trending Detection Notification & added more details to notifications.


  1. Text iQ (EX): A new topic library for Employee Engagement has been released for analyzing EX text responses.

Stats iQ

  1. Variable Settings: Revised for clarity, accuracy. Added emphasis on recode functionality.
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