New to Qualtrics and need some assistance

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New to Qualtrics and need some assistance

Hi. We have some federal funding related to COVID-19. We want to identify certain individuals based on a priori criteria. I need a very simple (survey?) in order to identify eligible individuals based on the criteria. 1 Is it a survey tool I need? Or is there another Qualtrics tool that will suffice. 2. Is there a template someone could recommend. I imagine we will need to use branch/skip logic on some questions.


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  • Scott_ReinkeScott_Reinke Muncie, Indiana, Unites StatesCommunity Member Qubie ✭
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    Hi JamieH!

    Shortly after the pandemic started, Qualtrics put out some pre-built (but still customizable) surveys intended to help schools and businesses in assessment of COVID-19 related issues.

    When you go to create a new survey from the projects page, scroll down a little further past "Create you own" and you'll see a list of pre-built survey projects under the "COVID-19 XM Solutions" heading. I would recommend checking out those options first to see if you can use them out of the box or if they would suffice with some tweaking.

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