Bucketing multiple questions the same way

A_AdamiecA_Adamiec Community Member Qubie ✭

Bucketing multiple questions the same way

Is there a way to bucket several questions (all 5pt Likert scale) at the same time rather than using the Bucketing feature individually for each question? For example, I want to create top 2 box (% favorable), middle box (neutral), and bottom 2 box (unfavorable) for a set of 10 questions. I'd like to do it once instead of 10 times. Similarly, for grid questions that are rate, is there a way to also bucket the responses all at once in a similar fashion (top 2 box, middle box, bottom 2 box) for all the response options in the grid question at one time rather than repeating the exercise 13 times, once for each of the 13 options?


  • Vinod_MalusareVinod_Malusare Mumbai, IndiaCommunity Member Qubie ✭

    There is no feature to bucket several questions at the same time at this moment. You can suggest this as a new idea to Qx for future implementation. Thanks!

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