How to add opacity to the question container?

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How to add opacity to the question container?

Hello Community I need your help again.

I have two questions:

Q1) I'm trying to make the background of the question text gray transparent, so the question box and the answers look the same.

I did this with Java. But the font is now transparent. D

o you have an idea how I can solve this?

I used the following code



   jQuery("#"+this.questionId+" .QuestionText").css("background","#888888").css({ opacity: 0.175 });



It's the only option I've found so far. Do you have any idea how to make it better?


Since I ould like to work with transparency, I would like to have an empty space between the text of the question and the answers themselves.

I can only get the grey container to enlarge - I can't create a gap between them. Do you have any ideas here?

Thanks in advance!


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    On an off topic, have you considered if those with visual disabilities will be able to read your content? Some visual disabilities make it difficult for the reader to access content that is not b/w or visually distinct.

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