Building digital intercepts just got a lot easier!

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Building digital intercepts just got a lot easier!

In the seven years since its launch, Qualtrics’ Website / App Feedback has matured into a robust digital CX solution. Thousands of customers benefit from the ability to listen, understand, and act on customer feedback across the entire digital journey.

Our product promise continues to be helping brands immediately identify and resolve poor digital experiences. One way we’re delivering on this promise is by making our digital CX solution easier to use. Based on feedback from both new and longtime customers, we learned that it can be difficult and often time-consuming to launch a digital voice-of-customer program; there is typically a learning curve for understanding product taxonomy and the steps required to build and launch a digital intercept. 

In response to that feedback, Qualtrics is releasing Guided Intercept Authoring. Within minutes, users can launch a simple digital CX program with a feedback button or listening posts. Guided Intercept Authoring provides a new, intuitive workflow to launch elegant website listening posts across the digital journey. The new experience enables users to define the survey questions, select the creative, apply targeting, and launch the intercept within a single, intuitive workflow. Watch the preview video below!

The release of Guided Intercept Authoring will significantly reduce the time required to launch or adjust digital CX programs, ultimately reducing customers’ time-to-insight and time-to-action. It will further reduce reliance on partner and vendor support, which often require additional service fees. 

Legacy creative and intercept capabilities are still available for customers who wish not to use the new guided flow. 

For more information regarding the new Guided Intercept Authoring, please see our latest support documentation here. For any and all additional questions about this new Guided Intercept feature, please reach out to our wonderful Support team, as they are best equipped to help!

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