Survey issue

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Survey issue

We are getting reports from testers on the long survey (900+ Qs) - who are starting and completing partial ways - then resuming and losing all of the data that had originally been logged. 

Double-checked the settings - the survey is set up in such a way that if the participant left (intentionally or not) the survey before completing it - when he came back, he would have picked up where he left off.

What could be the reason of the issue in this case and how to solve?




  • RadamRadam Miami, FlCommunity Member, XM Advocate Guru ✭✭

    The user may be either returning to the survey using a different browser or device or they could have cookies disabled or browsing in incognito mode.

    Per Qualtrics documentation:

    Qtip: Because Save and Continue uses cookies to save a respondent’s progress, it will only work as long as your respondent returns to the survey on the same internet browser on the same computer to finish the survey.

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