Uploading Evaluators that are not automatically "Approved"

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Uploading Evaluators that are not automatically "Approved"


I'd like to upload Evaluators through an import but would like the status to be "Waiting" not approved, so that the manager has to approve these nominations that I am uploading. I am not finding a way to do this.

I am trying to avoid the Evaluators from going into the portal and seeing that they have to complete an evaluation when the manager has not yet approved this nominations (it is there since I am uploading beforehand).

Any help would be appreciated.

- Marcia

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    Unfortunately, there isn't currently a way to upload the participants so that the nomination status are automatically marked as "Waiting" instead of "Approved". Typically, the nominations are automatically marked as "Approved" when you upload the participants since you are the admin. Alternatively, you can manually change the status for each of them to "Waiting" if you would like Managers to approve them instead.

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