Respondent Funnel and deleted contacts/data

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Respondent Funnel and deleted contacts/data

We have tested a survey several times, removed all distributions, all test data and all test contacts from Directory, but in the the Funnel reporting still takes into consideration the deleted data. Is it refreshing at some point? And if not, what should we do to exclude the deleted data from the reporting, otherwise all our response rates will go wrong.


  • DebDeb MumbaiCommunity Member Qubie ✭

    Deleting distribution history should have likely done the trick However, please submit a ticket to QSupport so the team can access the dashboard to review the backend for a better evaluation.

    In the meantime, for a quick fix. You can try filtering page with 'Email Sent Time' on page level. This would work more accurately if at least the test distribution and live distribution dates do not coincide.

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