Incorporate a qualtrics survey in YouTube videos using a "card"

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Incorporate a qualtrics survey in YouTube videos using a "card"

Does anyone have experience of how to incorporating a Qualtrics survey in YouTube videos, the plan is to add a YouTube “card” to videos. A YouTube “card” is basically link a small pop-up banner that will appear during the video. It will be a brief one-line message asking people to click it to provide feedback. If they click the link, it should take them to the Qualtrics survey for that video.

I would really appreciate a "best practise" and how you would do to do this

Thanks a lot!


In order to use a Qualtrics link from our videos, YouTube needs to verify that we control the domain of the link being used. Below are links with some more information about this and how to do it.

  1. How to Link to your associated website from videos
  2. How to verify your site ownership


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    I don't have experience but quickly checking your second link looks like you could put a meta tag in the heading of the survey in the look & feel header section to verify. I'm not sure how Qualtrics interprets the meta take in the header section. Worth a try.

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    Hi @KarinB

    Did you solve this? I'm looking to do the same thing but don't know if or where I should add this Google site verification code so it's on every survey page we link to. Can you shed some light on how you solved it?

    Thanks in advance


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