Comparing Embedded Fields in Survey Flow Branch Logic

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Comparing Embedded Fields in Survey Flow Branch Logic

Hi All!

I'm kind of stuck trying to compare two embedded fields in survey flow using branch logic. I suspect it may not be working because one embedded field is string and the other date. We use some JavaScript to convert the separation date into a month number string-type variable called sep_Month. Ultimately comparing current month (date) to separation month (string), then using branch logic to add 12 to current month if it is less than separation month. We then use a math operation to compare the two and end survey if greater than three months difference (kind of expiring the link).

Example of what is happening: Current month is '01' and separation month is '9'. Math produces '-8' (01 - 9 = -8), but with the +12 part in place we think the math should be producing '4' (13 - 9 = 4).

Any help on why this is not working at the 'add 12' part and/or how to correct would be most appreciated!

It may be the JavaScript that is wrong, since I'm trying to reverse engineer off Google...

Thank you!


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    Hi @Rob__B I'm not entirely sure regarding the question as there are too many details in it, however, this is what I got and the solution below is based on the same.

    You have the following variables:

    • Separation month Sep_Month which is in the form of a string (Jan, Feb etc.)
    • Today's month in the form of an integer (1,2 etc.)
    • You want to compare the two and perform some branch logic based on the difference.

    Here's how I would go about it:

    // Function to convert Month string to Month number
    function getMonthFromString(mon){
        var d = Date.parse(mon + "1, 2020");
           return new Date(d).getMonth() + 1;
        return -1;
    today_month = Number("${date://CurrentDate/m}");
    sep_month_int = getMonthFromString("${e://Field/Sep_Month}");
    diff_month = (today_month - sep_month_int) > 0 ? (today_month - sep_month_int) : (today_month - sep_month_int + 12);

    You can then store diff_moth as an embedded data to perform the required operations.


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    Thanks so much ahmedA! I like just having the process in the code then using diff_month as the embedded field in the survey flow. Most appreciated.

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