I am not able to see ALL the surveys.

danwbddanwbd Community Member Qubie ✭

I am not able to see ALL the surveys.

In "list-surveys" API, I am able to see only the surveys assigned to me and not ALL the surveys of Brand admin. What type of role/permissions would I be needing to get access of ALL the surveys of Brand admin?


  • ikrautikraut New York CityCommunity Member, XM Advocate Qubie ✭

    You are right. This is an ongoing problem, not just in the API but also in the regular projects dashboard. If the owner/creator of a survey has not explicitly "collaborated" the survey with you or a group you are a member of, you will not be able to see it, even if you are a brand admin, or are using the API token of a brand admin. This makes it very difficult to manage the overall account efficiently, and there is no easy workaround. The more people bring this issue to Qualtrics' attention the more chance we have of a solution.

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