Rank Order: Drag and Drop - force response not requiring participant to change pre-populated order

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Rank Order: Drag and Drop - force response not requiring participant to change pre-populated order

>> EDIT: this was likely user error on my part after all, force response appears to be requiring the participant to make changes in a test survey from @Anonymous24 and my own test survey.

In a recent survey, I noticed that when using the Rank Order: Drag and Drop question type that carried forward answers from a previous multiple choice question, that I had a few respondents that while they were marked as having fully completed the survey, there was no data in the Rank Order: Drag and Drop question I had included in the survey. There was no display logic or other filtering in the survey that would've prevented them from seeing the question - and in fact, when I looked at the survey response manually (Data & Analysis > Actions > View Response) instead of exporting the data to a file, I could see that their selections did in fact come through.

It appeared as though they were satisfied with the "rank" auto-populated by the order of their selections in the previous multiple choice question, and therefore did not change the order initially presented to them. I did make sure that "Force Response" was on for that question, but presumably, because there was technically a "response" from the auto-populated order, that didn't kick in to force them to make a change.

With all that said: is there anything I am missing or that I can do to ensure that a participant has to make changes to the order of their rankings so that data is captured properly? Or perhaps am I missing something with exporting the survey responses?

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    Hi @patrick_haley
    Are you sure it is not working because i tried to replicate what you did but the rank order if force response is saved ask to change order
    this is the preview link for the survey

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    Hello @patrick_haley ,

    Please do a force response to that question. Though, the choices are carried forwarded, force response option will force respondent to change or at least click click on the option once.

    I implemented it using force response and it worked. Let me know if it does not work with force response.


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    I think this is a Qualtrics bug. You should probably report it to Support.

    I ran into what I think was the same issue a few weeks ago and reported it to Qualtrics Support and they escalated it (I haven't heard anything back yet). On one particular Rank Order Drag and Drop it was coming up with the answers already selected even though the user hadn't seen it before (there were other RO D&D questions in the same survey that didn't have the problem).

    I had to get the survey fielded, so I came up with a workaround (since we allow the back button, I had to account for that). I initialized an embedded variable (Q16_edited) to 0. Then I added this JS to my rank question (Q16) with the issue:

    Qualtrics.SurveyEngine.addOnReady(function() {
        var ul = jQuery("#"+this.questionId+" ul");
        var Q16edited = parseInt("${e://Field/Q16_Edited}");
        if(ul.filter(".NotEdited").length == 0 && Q16edited == 0) {

    And this to the next question (Q17):

    Qualtrics.SurveyEngine.addOnload(function() {
        Qualtrics.SurveyEngine.setEmbeddedData("Q16_Edited", "1");
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    Hi @Shashi and @Anonymous24 - thanks both, I went ahead and accepted your answers even though I did test force response on my survey (or I should say, it shows as "force response" now). In @Anonymous24's test survey, it did force me to make an edit before continuing - so I'm not sure why it wasn't the case in this one survey of mine. I created a new test based off my old survey, and was not able to replicate - which makes me question if I had not selected "Force Response" on the Rank Order question prior to launch and had updated it after those respondents went through the survey.

    @TomG - thank you for your response as well, will keep in mind should I run into that issue with RO:D&D in the future!

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