Piped survey responses bring html formatting with them

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Piped survey responses bring html formatting with them

I have some bolded key terms in some response options. At the end of the survey, I have a summary of responses that is populated using piped data. Here, I do not need those key terms to be in bold but the piped response brings the formatting with it. Is there a way to override this? For different reasons, I can not embed data or add branching midsurvey. I've tried overriding it by enclosing it in a


div font-weight="normal"> tag but no luck there. Other ideas?

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    You have to remove it with JavaScript or CSS. There are a number of different ways to make text bold in html. How you remove it depends on how it was put there in the first place. You'll need to inspect the code to determine how it needs to be removed.

    There is a good chance it is in a <strong> tag. In that case, you can add this to your Question Text html:

    strong { font-weight: normal; }


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