Now Introducing the @QJobPoster Bot!

LaurenKLaurenK Seattle, WA, USACommunity Administrator Administrator

Now Introducing the @QJobPoster Bot!

We are excited to announce our new Community Job Board! Qualtrics Community is introducing a space that will give you the opportunity to further accelerate your career.

We will be leveraging the community as a place for jobs to be posted and for individuals like you to find great opportunities. We’ve implemented a @QJobPoster bot that posts highly sought out job opportunities within the Job Posting category. Top enterprise companies are seeking great talent, and your Qualtrics knowledge qualifies you to apply! We have seen many of you come up with innovative solutions to difficult questions found on the community, and we feel your Qualtrics skills and knowledge will help you excel in any future career!

We’ve built a short survey to better understand your job interests so our @QJobPoster bot can find and post the most appropriate job postings to community! If you are interested in having us share your resume / CV with others, please upload it to the survey. By submitting your resume, you are agreeing to allow us to add your resume to our Qualtrics Community resume book. The resume book will be shown to individuals internally, as well as to headhunters, recruiters, and other employment agencies who are interested.

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