Optimize HTML Code for display in Internet Explorer

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Optimize HTML Code for display in Internet Explorer

Dear Community,

My HTML Code for an introduction code within my survey works fine - as long as I do not use Internet explorer.
Could you please help me to teak it, so that my questions (whih I am using for an introduction text) will be displayed in the centre of the page? - currently it is shown on the left side of the explorer (while working perfectly on firefox/chrome, displaying the text in the centre)

Is there a certain code that I need to add in order to trigger the centering within IE ?

It would be important that
* The code works on IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Mobile
* It is properly displayed for different screen sizes

This is my (exemplary)code for headline, Text and a Subheadline, which I would like to be displayed in the center of the screen on IE when opening the survey:


Thank you very much in advance or your help!

Best regards



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