Embedded Intercept Target: survey opened in another tab

Embedded Intercept Target: survey opened in another tab

Hi, I have built a pop-over creative showing the first question of the survey in it (embedded Intercept target).
Is it possible, after clicking on the first question in the pop-over, to open the rest of the survey in another tab/page, instead of continuing to answer in the pop-over itself?
Thanks for the suggestions

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  • Rich_Boits_WalkerRich_Boits_Walker Indianapolis Sage ✭✭✭
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    This is a workaround and there may be a better solution, but my suggestion to accomplish this would be to switch out from using an embedded intercept to using the linked intercept creative option. You would need to add in the question text to the creative manually, and then for each of you answer choices create a new intercept link. When double clicking on each of the link text boxes, there is an option in the edit toolbar that allows you to edit the link (the link icon, 5th one in from the left). From there you would add in your survey link and append the answer choice in the same way the inline questions work in an email invitation (?QID1=1, ?QID1=2, and so on).

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