Intercepts and Zones

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Intercepts and Zones

I've been having issues since the UI update. Not only can I no longer find my old intercepts and creatives, but I don't see where I can set the zone for my intercept. Suffice to say, new intercepts have not been working for me.

So my question is, where is this stuff?

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    You're going to want to reach out to support. No stuff should have disappeared.

    I will say the new UI made it hard to find. The only small tip I can give is to make sure that you're selecting the "App/Feedback" project from the main projects page, not the survey. I had named all my surveys and Intercept projects the same thing- when the UI was separated it was an easy way to make sure I was linking the right stuff. When the UI combined them all to the projects page it made it so I frequently was clicking the wrong thing.

    That being said- creatives should not have disappeared. How frustrating!

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