Salesforce Email Trigger

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Salesforce Email Trigger

I'm attempting to have a setup where when a case is closed in Salesforce, it triggers an email to the Delta Contact with a link to take a short survey. I've been trying to set this up from the Actions menu. I followed all the steps from the website on setting this up and it still doesn't work properly. We would like the link to expire after 1 day. However after testing, I've been able to access the link after 1 day anyways. I reached out to ask why and they said because the link being sent is anonymous and those aren't designed to expire at all which doesn't help me. How am I supposed to set this up so the link isn't anonymous? The screenshot they keep referring me to is the Distribution list to show me a message that says "Distributions with anonymous links do not support reminder and thank you messages" which also means it won't expire. How do I get this set up properly?

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    Hi there,

    When you set this up through the Actions menu, you do have the option of specifying number of days after which the link should expire, its just below the message editor.


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