Getting ResponseID using JavaScript with getEmbeddedData?

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Getting ResponseID using JavaScript with getEmbeddedData?

I've used Survey Flow to Set Embedded Data, adding ResponseID at the beginning of the survey. I'd like to get the ResponseID using JavaScript.

Although I can pipe the ResponseID as text into the question text, the following JavaScript does not work:

   console.log("In function added via addOnload");
    console.log(Qualtrics.SurveyEngine.getEmbeddedData('ResponseID')); // prints `null`


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    Hello @ar0 ,

    To read embedded data in the JS we use piped text of embedded data wrapped with the double quotes. For eg:



    var s = "${e://Field/ResponseID}";
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    Here's the solution:


    Works as expected. There is no mention of this "$" syntax on the JavaScript API page.

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