How to unsave respondents previous answers on blocks that are re-used in survey flow.

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How to unsave respondents previous answers on blocks that are re-used in survey flow.

I am creating a survey in which participants are randomly presented with one of four scenarios, after which they respond to other questions presented in various blocks, let's call this 'additional question blocks' (same questions after each scenario). Next, they will be presented with one of the four scenarios again, after which 'additional question blocks' follow. This continues untill they are presented all four scenarios.
I used survey flow and correctly edited all possible combinations.

HOWEVER, Qualtrics is "saving" respondents previous answers for the 'additional question blocks'.
These blocks are presented four times (after each scenario) - but I want the questions to be "clean" (so unanswered) each time the respondents view these blocks.

Anyone can help me with this one?

It's not fixed by erasing the "save and continue" box.

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    If you are reusing the same additional block 4 times than it will overwrite the data and since question id's will remain same so data will appear only once.

    so as i suppose your survey flow be like
    one of the 4 blocks at a time than an additional block (which is same all 4 times).

    My suggestion is to make this addition block 4 times and change question id's and add these questiosn with in main block (that you are randomizing) so that different set of question (although same) appear after each block and your data is not overwritten.

    If you call same block multiple times in survey flow than respondent will be able to see the answers they selected auto-punched next time the bock appears and can change answers. But from data point of view there will be a data loss too.

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