Order of assigned topics in Text iQ

Order of assigned topics in Text iQ

Hi everyone,

I'm just wondering if anyone knows whether the topics assigned to a comment are assigned in a specific way (i.e. by relevance, etc) or are they just assigned randomly by keyword? I am doing an analysis on our comments under our "Website Navigation" topic and wanted to see if the "second level" topics were second because of relevancy, or just because they came up second in the keyword check.

For example, if a comment had the following topics assigned to it: "Website Navigation, Outage, Page Load", would it mean that the "Outage" topic is more relevant than the "Page Load" one?

Hopefully I made some sense in asking this, in the end I would love to provide some insights by showing what topic is paired most often with "Website Navigation".



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  • bansalpeeyush29bansalpeeyush29 India Wizard ✭✭✭✭✭
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    I dont think there is any relevance of order. if these 3 topics are assigned to your verbatim it mean that response fall under all these topics. order here doesn't matter.

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