Copy Actions When Copying a Survey or at least importing them into new survey?

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Copy Actions When Copying a Survey or at least importing them into new survey?

I tend to find that there are quite a few pros and cons of email triggers vs email actions. I have a fair amount of email actions in my surveys and I have to make copies of those surveys (6) changing the values of embedded data fields from one to another and a few other specific changes within my survey. I could make it one big survey, but it would basically be insanely big with a fair amount of variables within the survey. That being said, I prefer to use actions versus emails primarily because I can copy Actions within a survey and cannot copy triggers within a survey (unless somebody knows a way?) and I can also name them something that makes sense visually. The nice thing is that triggers remain when copying a survey. It would be really nice for me, however, with the large amount of actions there will be in each survey, if those would copy when I copy each survey to edit a bit, then it would save me some time (some will be 40 or so triggers in each survey) Any suggestions?


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  • KendraRKendraR Provo, UT Moderator
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    Hi, @over3520! Just wanted to jump in here and say that although actions currently do not copy over, I would recommend reaching out to our Support Team so that they can file this functionality as a feature request for you! :smiley:


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    I have made heavy use of an Action for a Salesforce integration (because this is the 'recommended' method to use) and have encountered the same question. It takes a solid 8 hours of work to set up the action, then when I copy the survey, I have to do it all again. So I am very interested if anyone has a solution to copy the action when copying a survey.

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