How to hide the question on the feedback page

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How to hide the question on the feedback page

Hi! I set up my questions to either be an audio clip or an image, and for participants to receive feedback on whether they got the question correct or incorrect after each question. I figured out how to hide the answers on the feedback screen (after they select a response) by inserting the answers as images instead of in rich content editor, but the question still shows. I'd like the question to not show on this feedback screen. Essentially, after they select a response I'd like them just to know whether they got it correct or incorrect without seeing the question or answer so they're unable to try to figure it out after they find out if they got it right or wrong.

Thanks in advance!!!

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    Hello @csong1 ,

    Assuming you have done scoring and you are displaying the answer after each question and do not want the user to be able to click on the question audio, then paste the below css in the custom css under look and feel -> style tab



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    to be honest I didn't really get what do you want to do, but you can hide any question and the separator using this CSS.

    #QID1035 {display:none;}
    #QID1035Separator {display:none;}
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    Hi fleb, thanks for trying! Where do I put the codes in?

    Let me try to rephrase my question.

    For my questions, I uploaded an audio file. I set up my scoring so after each question, the participant will know if they got the question right or wrong. So after they click a response, they go to a page that has a green check or red x to let them know if they responded correctly. When they're on this page, the question still shows, which is the audio file. Is there a way to hide the question on this feedback page so they can not re-play the audio once they get to this point?

    Hope that clarifies my question!

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    Sashi - Thank you!! You can still see the audio but you can't click it to play it which is fine. Thank you so much!!!

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