Salesforce Workflow is triggering but Qualtrics Email is NOT going out - how to troubleshoot?

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Salesforce Workflow is triggering but Qualtrics Email is NOT going out - how to troubleshoot?

I have a Salesforce workflow set up (on Contact) to trigger an outbound message to a Qualtrics Survey. The workflow is triggering (validated through debug), and the survey link in the outbound message is correct (verified). But after the workflow triggers, nothing happens (survey does not go out, I don't get the Qualtrics debug email). Any ideas on what I should troubleshoot?

I have already verified sandbox deliverability (set to all email). The Contact record has a valid email. Email is not in span folder. Qualtrics has no indications that it even got the message.

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    I always prefer to call Support instead of emailing them, because I get a faster response. My last suggestion is to check your API token in case it's been updated (which could happen if others have access to your account), especially if you're not seeing anything even come in on the Q side. Other than that, you may be stuck with contacting support.


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    We had a few issues with our SPF record being enabled on our side, so I'd recommend checking that with your IT group. Also, are you adding a contact to your directory as well? If so, you can easily see at what point the process is failing. Either way, you can check the Actions tab. Click on any of the links to see detailed errors that you can use to debug on the Qualtrics side:

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    Thank you - it's definitely helpful to see that I can go to the Actions tab to see errors. However, this does not help my problem (when I go to the Actions tab, I see nothing from my recent tests). Things were successful until yesterday - now it looks like no connection is being made at all between Salesforce and Qualtrics (even though Salesforce is definitely still sending the message). I've reset my account login to makes sure it's still pointing to UAT, and still no connection. It falls into a black hole after Salesforce sends out the outbound message, and I'm not sure where to troubleshoot. (I opened a Qualtrics ticket yesterday, but they are slooooow to respond)

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    I am facing the same issue. Did you able to resolve it ?

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    I had two issues: first, the email not going out was because my connection to UAT environment was broken. Note that this issue applied to my UAT test environment. Every time UAT refreshes, you lose the connection in Qualtrics - it needs to be updated to point to the new/refreshed UAT environment. I fixed this and my emails worked great for one day! then they stopped working again, and this was caused by issue #2, which was resolved through Qualtrics ticket:

    from Qualtrics: "Our engineers released an update and that caused the error we ran into. In particular, we received the error whenever the workflow rule or conditions were edited. This caused the 500 errors, and our engineers released another update that resolved this issue."). also, from Qualtrics on June 8: "The fix that was rolled out will apply to all newly created actions. Issues in actions that were created before the update may not be fully resolved. Any actions created from here forward should be free of issues"

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    I am having this same issue, and I have a ticket open with Qualtrics support. I can see on the Salesforce side that the Outbound message is going out (and also verified with Salesforce support), but it isn't being seen by Qualtrics. I can manually trigger the same workflow rule (using a checkbox on the existing record) and it works perfectly. But when it triggers from a record creation in Salesforce, the workflow rule is firing in Salesforce, but Qualtrics isn't actioning. There are no error messages in Qualtrics. It is very frustrating. I've tried rebuilding the action, and it still isn't working.

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