User defined elements

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User defined elements

I am attempting to create a survey question in the format of Text Entry --> Form .. When I create this I'm give the opportunity to have Statements and a text box; however I also want to give the respondent the opportunity to create there own statement ... something that will allow them to specify others e.g. 1st Text Box where they specify the label of the other and a 2nd text box where they input their response/value.... Is this possible?

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    Hmm. Maybe there's a custom code solution to do that but if you're not a coding guru, I would suggest splitting this into two questions: One with the list of statements and an Other, please specify box, then a second question that has the text boxes. See below:

    This is what the output looks like:


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    Not sure I'm understanding you want to use the piped text from their first text entry as the label for their 2nd text box entry?

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