Images from Library are blocked on the invite email.

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Images from Library are blocked on the invite email.

I have setup an invite email with images from the client group library, however the client is saying the images are not visible when they receive a scheduled invite email, they are also not able to right click on it and download the image from their email client. Their security settings do not allow the images to come through. Has anyone been able to by pass these client side settings so to allow the images through without them having to change their internal security settings?


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  • MichelleCMichelleC East Lansing, MI Guru ✭✭
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    @Jayneeta_Vaitha_Capventis the client may need to talk with the team that manages their mail security. It sounds like they've set a very high filter for images. The client themselves may not be able to change if its set at a higher, more secure level on the mail server itself.

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