Eliminating Flashing Text From Button

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Eliminating Flashing Text From Button

Hi there. I have a survey I am working on a survey where I created a button for each for participants to re-review instructions using some javascript and HTML code. For some reason when participants proceed the next question, the text from the button flashes on the screen really fast. I'd prefer the text not flash and just for them to click on the button to read the text.

This is what I did to set up the button for use:

  • Using the look and feel editor I first added the following code to the footer

  • Next using the JS Question API, I added the following code:
    jQuery("[id='dialog1']" ).dialog({ autoOpen: false,position: { my: " top", at: "top", of: window } });
    jQuery('body').on('click','.ui-widget-overlay',function(){ jQuery("[id
    ='dialog1']").dialog('close'); });

       jQuery("[id*='dialog']" ).dialog({ autoOpen: false});  
       jQuery('body').on('click','.ui-widget-overlay',function(){ jQuery("[id*='dialog']").dialog('close'); });
    jQuery( "#btn1" ).click(function() {

    jQuery("#dialog").dialog( "option", "modal", true );
    jQuery("#dialog").dialog( "open" );
    jQuery("#dialog1").dialog( "option", "modal", true );
    jQuery("#dialog1").dialog( "open" );

  • Next, using the rich content editor, I added the following HTML Code. (see image)

If anyone can help out with this, that would be great! Thanks in advance

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