Best way to transfer evaluations from one assessment to another?

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Best way to transfer evaluations from one assessment to another?

We have a subject who was invited to participate in two different but identical 360 assessments in our account. (We set it up this way, because the second assessment is for reviewing progress. The first assessment stays open, because some people are still using that one.) In her portal, she accidentally invited her evaluators to the wrong assessment, and they completed it. What is the best way to transfer those responses to the other assessment? We don't mind doing manual data entry, if necessary. At first, we thought we would just add the evaluators and enter the data ourselves, but this would trigger email invitations to the evaluators who have already completed this task. We also considered adding the evaluators but using one of our email addresses, but weren't sure if this would confuse the system, since we are all existing users. Any other ideas or reassurances that one of these approaches would work?


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    To follow up on this, we discovered a couple of things after doing some experimenting.

    1) Entering the evaluators with their names but our emails didn't work. Since we are already in the system with our own emails, Qualtrics just changed the evaluator names back to our own.
    2) If you log in as a participant and add the evaluators, this will trigger an email invitation.
    3) But, if you add a nomination from the administration side without logging in, no email is triggered. So this is what we ended up doing.

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