SF Embedded Data in Send Email Actions

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SF Embedded Data in Send Email Actions

Hello Community! I was wondering if anyone else has noticed inconsistencies with embedded data not showing in email actions. We have a survey triggered to be sent based on a specific field in Salesforce (works fine). However, for survey responses, I have multiple emails set up in Actions with embedded data. I can see in SF and in the Data & Analysis section of the survey, so I know it's available but not showing. It's not all of the time but I'd say at least 80% of the time. So some emails have the embedded data and some don't. I do have a case open with support and have submitted multiple screenshots to support the issue but they are unable to replicate. I know I am not crazy (at least on this :D ) Has anyone experiencing this or have you? If so, how did you resolve the issue?



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    This is very strange! While we don't send emails with our SFDC integration, I can tell you that I was having some trouble with triggering actions to create new cases at the beginning.

    The two tips I can give you is to:
    1. Make sure you use "contains" instead of "is" for your logic. I'm not sure why but it wasn't working for me with "is" and "contains" worked perfectly.
    2. Use the trigger email to look at the field names. For whatever reasons, Q changes them from what SFDC has listed (capitalization, etc) so they could be different from what you're seeing in SFDC.

    I hope you find a resolution soon!

  • KOglesKOgles Pontiac, MI Community Member Qubie ✭

    Thanks @JenCX! I've noticed the quirks with the "contains and "is" in other places but will check and see if maybe that's the culprit. You also make a good point on the names of the fields. I will check my embedded data in the directory and see if anything is different there. It's just so weird that they work for some but not all AND I can see the embedded data in the Data & Analysis.

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