How to save randomized conjoint items in csv output file?

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How to save randomized conjoint items in csv output file?

Hi everyone,
I am used a template to set up a Conjoint in Qualtrics using JavaScript and HTML. The Conjoint itself works perfectly, but I need Javascript to also save the attributes it showed to the respondent in the csv file because otherwise I cannot analyze the data. I also have code for that but somehow it does not work, it would be really great if you guys could have a look and help me out!
A conjoint is usually a table showing two profiles that consist of randomly selected attributes. I need to know the attributes the respondent received for the analysis. Here is the code that I am using right now and which does not work. It only saves the first item and the order of the dimensions but everything else is empty, why could that be?

/Place Your Javascript Below This Line/


The code in the bracket corresponds to the definition of the variable in the actual JavaScript Code for the table of the conjoint. Only immy_a__1 and attributes is saved in the outcome csv file. This code above lies behind a question with text entry options.
I really appreciate any advice on that, thank you!

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