Why are the First Name and Last Name blank for some contacts?

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Why are the First Name and Last Name blank for some contacts?

We have a survey that is triggered from an action in a SF case. When we are checking to see if contacts received the survey in the related list (25,000 contacts) we are able to search by email but 5,809 contacts do not have a first or last name. First and last name are required fields on the SF sides so they cannot be blank there. Why would 23% not have first and last name? I don't have a specific date or time to narrow this down and I'm not able to replicate with test users. It's happening randomly but daily. What am I missing here?


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    To troubleshoot:

    1. Double check to see that you are mapping the right SF fields to the right contact list areas. I have definitely just pointed SF data to the wrong embedded data categories before.

    2. Is this happening with one action but not others? On certian SF objects but not others? figuring out what mmakes the 23% different will help you narrow down where to look. Maybe that SF object doesn't have names associated with that object and you have to add that lookup in. Maybe the mapping is wrong on just one object.

    If you're mapping it correctly, and it is all the same action/object.... I'd reach out to support. This looks like data loss of some sort that shouldn't be expected.

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