How to filter evaluator response by subject gender

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How to filter evaluator response by subject gender


We have a 360 assessment where we ask subjects to rate themselves, and invite evaluators to rate them. At the end of both assessments, we ask for the gender of either the subject or evaluator. We want to see whether men and women SUBJECTS are rated similarly by their EVALUATORS in the admin report, but the drill down options only allow us to split subject self-ratings by subject gender, or evaluator ratings by evaluator gender. Is there a way to "drill down" by SUBJECT gender, but have it display how EVALUATORS rated them?



  • ClairJClairJ Philadelphia, PACommunity Member, XM Advocate Sage ✭✭✭

    Hi @Xulace I don't think this is possible just using the scoring categories and question response. I'd suggest confirming this with support and then posting a product idea.

    But, I think you could do this in a more manual way. You would:
    1. Download the dataset from your assessment.
    2. Create an exact copy of your assessment.
    3. Upload your participants into the new assessment, and include a metadata field that identifies their gender.
    4. Upload the data from the assessment.
    5. Create your admin report, and add two filters: one for the relationship (non-self) and one using the gender from person metadata.

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