Recode ''open text answer''

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Recode ''open text answer''

Hi Qualtrics community,

Hopefully somebody can help me with the following (im pretty new to Qualtrics):
For my survey I need to compare the results of the respondents age 17-22 against respondents of 23-24 year old. Unfortunately, one of my first questions in the survey is: '' what is your age'' with a open text entry possibility for answering the question. I have the idea that because I didn't have chosen for the multiple answer option for this question, I'm not able to insert a correct report breakout. Using the '' filter '' option and inserting that '' what is age' should contain 24 for example, is also not working properly.

I want to avoid having to import my data into SPSS, only because of this single mistake.

Please, anybody who can explain to me how to fix this? I'll be forever grateful.

Thanks in advance,
S Ghazi

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  • MattBroffman_OrlandoMattBroffman_Orlando Orlando Guru ✭✭
    Accepted Answer

    Two ways to go about this
    In the Data & Analysis

    • Click "Tools" in the top right
    • Select "Create New Field"
    • Click "Bucketing" in the top right
      Here you can map your source field (your current age question) to different buckets.
      Now you will have a new field in your data as a set.

    In the Dashboard:
    Go to configure the dashboard data, you will:

    • Add an "Open Text" field
    • Map that field to your age question
    • Change the field type from "Open Text" to "Text Set"
    • Click the gear button (the single one on the data source column, not the double gears) for that field in the survey data
    • Click "More options" on the recode editor
    • Click "Manage Labels"
    • Enter your values Sounds like "12 - 22" and "23-24"
    • Now go back to the recode editor and add each age under the proper recode. Eg:
      Source: 12 Recode: 12 - 22
      Source: 13 Recode: 12 - 22
      Source: 14 Recode: 12 - 22
      Now you will have a text set in the dashboard.
  • MattBroffman_OrlandoMattBroffman_Orlando Orlando Guru ✭✭
    Accepted Answer

    For your first question: You may need to change your open text field validation. When you are on the What is your age questions. Select the "Content Validation" radio button and then select "Number." See if that allows it to show up. It did for me.

    You may not have access to Dashboards..reach out to your account manager who can let you know.

  • MattBroffman_OrlandoMattBroffman_Orlando Orlando Guru ✭✭
    Accepted Answer

    You should not...validation occurs at entry. However, we always do a couple of things before making changes to a survey with data.

    Download the raw data...just incase. You can also copy the survey as is (this is helpful if you are making a lot of changes) note that copying does not bring over the data.


  • sghazisghazi The NetherlandCommunity Member - Trial User Qubie ✭

    Hi Matt, this sounds exactly like what I need to do. The only thing is
    1. With option 1: when I try to bucket, after adding a new field, the question ''what is your age'' doesnt even show, so I cant choose that question somehow? See picture, the question should be on top with following name: controle1: what is je leeftijd?

    1. unfortuantly I cant seem to find my dashboard. Ive looked everywhere but I dont have a dashboard option? Ive tried looking up how to create a new dashboard on the qualtrics support, but also there it only says '' navigate to your dashboard tab'' - only I dont have that?

    Thanks for your help so far, would be amazing to receive an answer!

  • sghazisghazi The NetherlandCommunity Member - Trial User Qubie ✭

    Hi Matt, thanks for replying.

    Quick question: will I lose any data when I change the content validation to numbers and click on publish again? This is my first time using Qualtrics and I already have 490 responses, so you can imagine that I'm afraid to click on the '' publish '' button again and lose all my data.

    Regarding the dashboard, I've contacted my account manager, so fingers crossed he can fix that for me.

    Thanks again

  • sghazisghazi The NetherlandCommunity Member - Trial User Qubie ✭

    Hi Matt,

    This is wonderful, thank you so much. I think it worked!!

  • sghazisghazi The NetherlandCommunity Member - Trial User Qubie ✭

    Hi Matt,

    May I ask you one last question? Ive been struggling with one thing for the past two days. Tried to look up answers online, but that didn't entirely help.

    Ive embedded the data as you explained and I can see it in the report results. Ive used this to breakout the results. Now when I go to the subtab ''reports'' under the main tab ''reports'', I dont see the embeded data or filters being implemented. How can I fix this? I want to create a report. I could also just download the report results into a pdf file, but this doesn't fit the correct style for in my thesis. Creating the report myself in qualtrics will give me the right table style. Only now I don't know why it didnt keep the exact settings of the report results (filter out respondents who doesnt fit the age standards) plus the embeded data (open text entry intro new variables of age ranges).

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