Unique/Distinct Count with Multiple Completes

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Unique/Distinct Count with Multiple Completes

Hello all,

We want to have an open survey to collect up-to-date statuses as and when they may change, therefore the link type will be for multiple completes so they can complete it one day, and again the next day if their status changes and so on.

Say we have 500 people being sent the survey, I want to show on the dashboard how many of those 500 have completed it. I can only find a way to count the total number of responses, which would mean we could end up with a response count of >500 responses. We're not interested in how many times the survey is completed, just how many of the total 500 have completed it.



  • MuqaibilMuqaibil Community Member Qubie ✭

    HI Alex,

    you may create a dummy field in your embedded data as an 'Indicator" and set its value by the end of survey to update the contact list. Then you need to have a branching based on that field which will not do any branching but just to not update the new response with any values to the created field. Then you may refer to that filed in terms of reporting to identify the first response and count them so you can know the actual count of participants out of 500..

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