How to eliminate "N/A" from a report?

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How to eliminate "N/A" from a report?

For text entry questions and multiple-choice questions that include an "other" option, the report is adding "N/A" if a respondent leaves the field blank.

For example, I have a multiple-choice question that includes "Other (please specify)" as a response option with a text entry box. Even though the vast majority of the 300 respondents did not choose this "Other" response, the report includes several rows of "N/A". The same is happening to text entry questions where the field is left blank; the report still includes "N/A" row.

As such, my report is 77 pages long and two-thirds of those pages are majority "N/A" responses.

How do I filter these out?

AND how do I ensure this doesn't happen again during my next survey? Is it something I could've prevented in the survey setup?

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  • MatthewMMatthewM Chicago, IL Sage ✭✭✭
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    Hi @Mindy ,

    I assume that you're working in the newer Report feature in Qualtrics, not Results.

    If that's correct, you can filter results within an individual question. See the two screen shots below. This would allow you to filter out all of the N/A responses from the report display.

    Hope this helps.

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