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I was just wondering if there was a way to effectively have Qualtrics randomize part of a question? Specifically, I'm wanting to present 4 images side-by-side (from a pool of 6 or so) and have some text directly underneath them. I know you could make a separate question for each of the 6 different, ask Qualtrics to randomly present 4, and then have text as the next question, but then the images aren't presented together. Is there any way of organising it so that they are?

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    You can go to advance randomization and from there put all answers in Random subset bucket and than put Randomly select 4 choices from the list below.


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    when I make a multiple choice question and make each option a graphic, the 'fixed display order' box in 'advanced randomization' is empty - is it because my graphics are in the wrong format (they are all .png files)?

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