About Redirection link updation.

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About Redirection link updation.

Hello community,

I have a question regarding this API which we use to change our redirection link of survey (PUT - https://env.qualtrics.com/API/v3/survey-definitions/survey-ID/options).

I have created some surveys for survey platform integration purpose in back-end side. But there are some situations in which we have to follow some certain activities to change the redirect URL.

  1. We have to turn on the radio button of redirect URL in survey options manually to turn on the redirection setting of the survey. If we won’t turn on this button and still changes the redirection setting with API, it won’t update on Qualtrics platform but it will show 200 response form API side.
  2. After turning on this redirection setting, now we can change the redirection URL. It will show the changed redirect URL in Qualtrics Survey option setting but when we try to fill survey it will cause an error and we must have to save that setting from survey option and publish the survey. After this, it will redirect perfectly.

Is there any different method to change the value of EOSRedirectURL attribute after changing the redirect link with the help of API then manually saving and publishing survey.

I am looking for the automation procedure that with the help of that process i can change the redirection link of survey and we don't have to manually save and publish survey after changing the redirect link with API.

Thank you.

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