Combining Multiple Choice Metrics in Advanced Reports

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Combining Multiple Choice Metrics in Advanced Reports


I have couple of multiple choice questions which measures confidence levels before and after training, this is split out by product category. I would like to add all seprate metrics together to show an overview of confidence levels before and after before breaking down by product. The issue I am having is adding all the metrics just shows many lines of data vs. a total for a line graph. Any help would be great.

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    Hi @Nathaniel86! It looks like you were able to work through this question with a member of the support team. For a line graph for matrix table question, the line graph will show the count of people in each respective confidence level for each product and as a result, won't be a total since your initial questions already breaks down the participant's choices beforehand. However, you can breakout your data here by another question to show how their previous answers are related to that question. If anyone else has a similar question, be sure to reach out to our Support team, as they are best equipped to assist!

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