Multiple embedded data

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Multiple embedded data


I built an experiment via Qualtrics that required a lot of "Embedded Data". This made my survey flow extremely complicated and error-prone. This also made the survey flow page unresponsive and slow. So I am now trying to find a more efficient/effective way of creating the same survey using JavaScript. Below is the experiment design that I have in mind.

Essentially, the experiment is a series of slot machine selection/pulls.

In one multiple-choice question, 6 slot machines (as possible choices) are presented.

Each of the 6 slot machines have different point distribution. (In my previous experiment, these point distributions were created via Embedded Data (e.g., ${rand://int/25:50}).)

In the next question (text), the result/outcome of the slot machine pull is presented using piped text (i.e., the value of the Embedded Data is presented).

The above two questions together represent one round of slot machine pull. Participants go through 30 rounds of machine pulls.

Therefore, when I created such an experiment using Embedded Data in survey flow, it required 180 (6 machines for 30 rounds) Embedded Data forms. There has got to be a more efficient way of doing this on Qualtrics. I've seen some interesting use of Qualtrics Add Javascript functionality at the question level. I hope this could be an option. Could you help/advise on this?

On a related note, is there a way to import multiple Embedded Data field by importing an excel file or something similar? I think this would be an extremely useful functionality.

Thank you in advance!

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    Thanks for the quick answer!

    I appreciate pointing me to the webpage with all the JavaScript API. Also, I wasn't aware of the Loop & Merge functionality. This seems quite interesting, though I don't think I fully understand how it works yet. I will go through the documentation.

    Thanks again. :)

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