Is there a way to get an alert or notification if an Action fails?

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Is there a way to get an alert or notification if an Action fails?

My group is responsible for several forms within our organization. Occasionally there is an issue and rather than having to react I want to be notified if an action fails. Is there a way to do this through the API?

Is there another way to do this if the API does not support this?


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    There is not an explicit way to do this. I have made a suggestion in Product Ideas if you'd like to go upvote it.

    In the email triggers method there is a rather convoluted but workable solution that relies on the debug email. Since Actions has a Notification email on trigger, chances are very high that this is essentially the same thing. I will admit I haven't tried it in Actions because Email Actions are simply not as good as Email Triggers.

    What I did was put my address in the notification email box. I then set up a series of folders and rules in Outlook that would file the successful ones and recognize the failed ones. Since 99% of the failures were on Qualtrics side it was easy to find a string pattern for the failure types. I made a list of the Trigger IDs which appeared in the subject line and which project they belonged to and/or which trigger they were and just kept it handy.

    When Outlook rules recognizes a failure, it drops the email in my Inbox. Everything else gets filed in a folder in case I have to go back and research a failure that wasn't Qualtrics fault. The messages either contain a response id so I can find the exact record, or you can cross reference the timestamp with the timestamp of the recorded survey. I empty the folders every month and retain a 30 day history.

    Its convoluted. Its obnoxious but its kept me mostly on top of the trigger game.

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