Piped text a number randomly from a specific list of numbers

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Piped text a number randomly from a specific list of numbers


I want to have a question that shows a number randomly from a separate list of numbers I gathered from another survey.

In survey 1, with 100 respondents, I asked a question about estimating a percentage of something. Now I have 100 answers for this question, and I want to ask another 100 respondents from survey 2 how accurate do they think the estimate is. That is, one person from survey 2 will see one of the 100 answers from survey 1 randomly.

I don't think I can do piped text from one survey to another, but I wonder if I can prepare a list of number separately and use it for survey 2. How do I present a number randomly selected from a list? Also, how can I ensure each number from the list is selected evenly?

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    For even selection, you need to create a external web service, which on call return a number from those 100.

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    Thanks, rondev.

    That seems like a good way. I'm new and I've not used external web service. After reading it up, it appears that I have put the list of numbers somewhere else, and then use "GET" of external web service to grab the number from the list. Am I correct?

    Do you have any link where I can learn how to do this?

  • rondevrondev Community Member - Trial User Wizard ✭✭✭✭✭

    The basic step is:

    1. Buy or get a web hosting service that support PHP and SQL
    2. Create a database and a table in it which contain all the 100 numbers.
    3. Create a PHP web service which will fetch a number from the table of step 2.
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