sending a survey to a leader

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sending a survey to a leader


I am looking to automate the distribution to a survey to a new hire's manager. For every participant in my directory I have a manager and a manager email. What I would like to do is trigger a survey to the manager's email based on the participant's metadata. For example, when participant reaches 60 days post hire date, send a survey to the manager. I know how to address the time automation, so that is not an issue. I'm not sure how to trigger the distribution to the manager versus the participant.

Open to all ideas :)


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    Hi @JennyMiller! If you have not yet already, I’d recommend reviewing this support page on Message Automation to help you get started. This functionality is limited to Lifecycle projects however. If you still have questions after reviewing the linked support page, you'll want to reach out to the Employee Engagement Specialty Support team, as they are best equipped to help answer questions and provide support! :)

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