Export Big Data Files

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Export Big Data Files


I just finished a survey with qualtrics and my data file seems to large (4go) to export it in csv. Which exporting options are available apart from legacy exporter?

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    Documentation on options for exporting data can be found here.

    Another option is to load the data directly into your stat analysis platform. If you are using R to analyze your data, look into the qualtRics packages as it links directly to Qualtrics and does not require you to download the data using their export wizard. I'm not sure if this options exists for other stats software packages.

    Lastly, with large datasets, it might be beneficial to have a conversation with Qualtrics to see if they can automatically transfer/upload data to your own server that you can then query against.


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    I see many thanks, it helped a lot! succeeded!

    PS: I saw that TSV format instead of CSV format export is very nice when you have big data too

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