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Export Options


In addition to choosing the file format of your data export, Qualtrics offers various options for adapting and customizing your data output. You can review and change data output each time a file is downloaded by using the various export options.


Date Range

You can filter your dataset by selecting a data range to draw the raw data from. Choose a Start Date and End Date, and only responses submitted or partial completes recorded within the specified timeframe will be downloaded.

Qtip: The date range feature uses responses’ Recorded Date.


Questions to Export

By default, all survey questions are included in a downloaded dataset. You also have the option to export only those questions that are currently being displayed in your response viewer. To turn this option on just check the Chosen Columns option.


Data Representation

You can export your responses as either numeric values (assigned numeric codes, known as recode values) or as choice text (the actual text of the answer choices, or variable labels if you set them up). You can find this setting under the More Options menu.


By default, data is downloaded as numeric values for each answer choice rather than the choice text. For example, on a 5 point scale, “Strongly Agree” would display as a “5,” making it easier to find a mean or do other statistical analysis.



Qtip: You can learn more about recode values and variable labels by visiting our Recode Values page.

More Options

The More Options menu offers a wide variety of settings and options to export data.


  • Use commas for decimals: By default, decimals for non-whole numbers are displayed with a period. When this option is enabled, decimals can be displayed with a comma instead.
  • Recode seen but unanswered questions: By default, questions that participants chose not to answer are left blank in the survey results. When this option is enabled, any questions participants saw and chose not to answer are coded as a value of -99 (or any other number you specify) to distinguish them from questions participants didn’t see.
    The two participants who chose to skip this question are coded with -99, while those who didn’t see it are left blank.
  • Export viewing order data for randomized surveys: When this option is enabled, columns will be added to your dataset for each randomizer in your survey. These columns will contain information on the order in which your randomized blocks, questions, or answer choices were displayed.
    The first participant saw Question 2, followed by Question 4.
  • Compress data as .zip file: By default, all data exports will download in a zipped folder format. If you prefer to download the file unzipped (CSV, SAV, etc.), disable this option.

    Qtip: To unzip a file,

    • Mac OS X: Double click downloaded ZIP file. It will unzip automatically.
    • Windows: Right click downloaded ZIP file and select Extract All. Follow the prompts.
  • Send email when file is ready to download: When this option is enabled, a notification email is to sent when your file is ready to download (the notification is sent to the email address associated with your account).