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Account Settings

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About Account Settings

You can find useful settings and statistics for your Qualtrics account in your account settings. From here, you can perform basic tasks such as changing your password or checking how many responses you’ve collected.

To access your account settings, click on the silhouette in the top-right corner of your account and select Account Settings from the dropdown.

image of the projects page with the user icon in the top right hand corner highlighted. Click the user icon to open the dropdown to access account settings

User Settings

User Settings allows you to adjust a number of basic options.

User Settings tab

  • Change Password: Set a new password for your account.
  • Change Time Zone: Update the dates used throughout your account (timestamps for when surveys are submitted, survey avilability dates, etc.).
    Qtip: If your selected time zone observes an annual Daylight Saving or Summer Time, the dates and times displayed in Qualtrics will automatically adjust for annual time changes.
  • Change Language: Update your entire account to be in this language (for new projects, the language set here will be the base language for all participant messaging, such as end of survey messages, though you can still adjust the language in your survey options). You can change your account language to any of the available languages for the XM Platform listed on this page. The linked page also contains information about which areas of the platform are available for partially-supported languages. Change language drop down in the account settingsWe offer two separate sets of languages:
    • Fully supported XM Platform languages: These languages are fully supported languages across the entire XM Platform. For a list of fully supported languages, see the column labeled XM Platform in Language Availability.
    • Partially supported languages: These languages are fully supported within CX and EX Dashboards, Following Up on Tickets, and the Qualtrics XM App. Note that they are partially supported across the wider XM Platform. The fallback language for product areas that are not fully supported will always be English (US). For a list of partially supported languages, see the column labeled CX/EX Dashboards in Language Availability

    For new projects, the language that is set as your account language will be the base language for your surveys and all participant messaging, such as End of Survey messages, though you can still adjust the default survey language in your Survey Options).

  • User Email Defaults: The default email addresses used for emailings in your account.
    • Default From Email: The default from email address used for emails sent from your account. This setting is useful to configure for features that do not allow you to specify a from address, such as email triggers, thank you messages, and 360 and Employee Engagement messages.
      Attention: If you’re using a custom domain (i.e. not a Qualtrics default domain), the domain must be properly configured for use within Qualtrics. For more information about using a custom domain, read our Using a Custom From Address page.
      Qtip: Brand Administrators can request a default from address be configured for their entire brand by contacting Qualtrics Support.
    • Default From Name: The from name that appears in your recipient’s inbox.
    • Default Reply-to Email: The email address that will receive replies to your email messages.
  • Grant Login Access: See Granting Login Access to Support.
  • Recent Logins: See an audit of recent logins to your account to ensure there is no unauthorized access. Click More to see more entries. Entries are only accessible until pushed from the list by other logins.
  • Link Account: Link your account with your legacy Qualtrics 360 and legacy Site Intercept products (if you have purchased them). Just input your 360/Site Intercept username and password.
    Warning: This option does not allow you to merge the Survey Platform accounts! If you need to combine content from Qualtrics accounts, see our User Moves page.


Attention: This tab is only available for free accounts. For information about upgrading your existing license, contact your Account Executive.

The Plans tab allows you to upgrade your account to include additional responses or more features. Select a plan to either purchase a new plan online or to get in contact with our Sales team. Refer to the chart within this tab in order to see what features are included with which plan.

Plans tab in Account Settings

Account Usage

Account Usage shows you how many responses you’ve collected, how many surveys you’ve created, and other useful statistics. You can also use the filter to decide for what timespan you want to view this information.

Qtip: The statistics on this page may take up to 72 hours to update.
  • Total Allowed Surveys: How many surveys you’ve created, total.
  • Allowed Active Surveys: How many of these surveys have a status of active.
  • Allowed Responses: Across every single survey, how many responses you’ve collected on the Recorded Responses page, except preview data, test data, and imported responses.
    Qtip: Contact your Customer Success Representative or your Account Executive for pricing on importing. Imported responses are considered separate from and will not impact the account’s response limit.
  • Allowed Outgoing Emails: Every single email you’ve sent. This includes all email types, such as reminders, invitations, general emails, and thank you emails.

Account Usage tab with Brand Admin information highlighted

If your organization has a Brand Administrator, you can find their contact information here. Your Brand Administrator can assist with questions about your license and handle requests for changes in your account permissions.

Qualtrics IDs

Qualtrics IDs tab

Qualtrics IDs lists all the IDs you’ll need when using the Qualtrics v3 API to connect your surveys with external systems. Here you can find and generate your tokens for API, Adobe Analytics, and the offline app. You can also input your Marketo Extension details (if you have purchased these features).

For more on these IDs, see Finding Qualtrics IDs.

Refresh Account

For the most part, the Qualtrics platform saves as it goes. However, sometimes there will be a delay between an action you perform in the software and the results appearing on the webpage. Sometimes your imported responses or responses in progress take a while to show up on your Data & Analysis tab. (This often looks like a grey number in parentheses in the upper-right of the Data section.) Sometimes a project that was shared with you doesn’t show up right away.

The best way to push these changes is to refresh your account. Access this option by clicking your account settings icon and selecting Refresh Account.

the refresh account option in the account settings menu

Qtip: This option will not force large data sets to load instantly. Depending on the size of your collected data, the software will need time to load. This option is merely to help changes that are already applied in your account appear on the webpage a little sooner than they normally would.

Granting Login Access to Support

Sometimes when you are on the phone with Qualtrics Support, you will want them to go inside your account and test something with you. This section goes over how to grant that permission.

Qtip: Performing these actions will only allow a verified member of Qualtrics Support to enter your account. Absolutely no one else will be able to access your account except for you and the Support representative.
  1. Go to the account settings icon.
    Profile dropdown top-right reveals account settings option third to last
  2. Click Account Settings.
  3. Make sure you are on the User Settings tab.
    User Settings tab
  4. Navigate to Grant Login Access.
    Grant Login Access section at the bottom of the page
  5. Select how long you want the rep to be able to access your account.